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Recco provides consumers with a trustworthy buying experience and brands with organic marketing.


• UX Research • Feature Mapping • User Flow Mapping
• Information Architecture • UX Design • UI Design
• Usability Testing • Concept Testing • Web Design
• App Design • Interactive Prototypes



The goal of Recco is to provide a channel for authentic, trusted relationships between brands and their customers, making Recco the action verb & metric for success in Business-to-Customer marketing & networking.

The Recco team’s goal was to create block-chain verified reviews that would be as trustworthy as a friend’s recommendation. Recco can then take a pool of these verified, anonymous reviews to gain more business partners who could advertise directly to primed potential buyers. The Recco team called this an “inverted marketing funnel.”

Product Goals

  1. UX Research

  2. Design a customer-facing mobile app

  3. Provide designs for business portals connected to mobile app

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Our Process

  1. Discovery

    1. Semi-Structured User Interviews – Potential Users: to gain further insight into users’, and recommendation purchasing habits, and gauge their trust levels and pain points when getting a recommendation or making a purchase.

    2. Semi-Structured User Interviews – Potential Business Partners: to understand how business partners currently try to build trust with their customers, market through word-of-mouth, and calculate their total addressable market

    3. Competitor Analysis (3): to inform an initial feature set, and evaluate the recommendation functions of competitors and how successful those functions are.

  2. Design

    1. Several design iterations of the user’s recommendation process to find and land on a flow that was easy to build and fun to use

    2. Clickable prototypes
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  1. Discovery: Research findings & Key Recommendations
    1. Have users trust the recommendations they receive on the platform.

    2. Have a “hook” that drives a user to open the app.

    3. Have enough data and content for users to find the platform informative.

    4. Replicate the enjoyment of telling a friend face-to-face about a great product experience.

    5. Incentivize businesses to adopt the platform into their marketing strategies.

    6. Make sure incentives don’t diminish authenticity.

  2. Design
    1. Low-Fidelity Brainstorm Wireframe: user-facing mobile app

    2. Low-Fidelity Prototypes: recommendstion feature

    3. Low-Fidelity Wireframes: business dashboard desktop website

    4. High-Fidelity Wireframes: user-facing mobile app
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  1. Clients loved our final wireframes of the re-design

  2. Clients were happy with Goji Labs’ adherence to timeline and budget.
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While the “recommendation flow” itself was intuitive and quick for users, the technical challenge was always where to source and pull recommendation information from.

This was exacerbated by the fact that a user could recommend anything and anyone. After many iterations, we found success with a simple flow that allowed users to tell a story with their recommendations but relied on them to optionally fill in some information gaps.



Recco’s core assumption (about users advocating on behalf of a brand) didn’t turn out to be the reality in our interviews.

Our research showed their target audience (GenZ and Millennials) were apathetic to brands in general but would advocate a specific product or service. A large survey, had it been in the budget, would have helped validate this finding.

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