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A new way to road trip: Wayfarer provides road-trippers with guided, curated driving tours across the US.


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Wayfarer is an app for travelers—specifically road-trippers—featuring well-produced and locally curated driving tours of some of America’s most beautiful cities.

Product Goals

  1. App Audit

  2. Identify and correct UX issues

  3. UX/UI Redesign
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Our Process

  1. Discovery
    1. Heuristic Evaluation: identify key areas of usability weakness. We found unclear buttons and labels, no search feature, information architecture issues, a missing “pause navigation” function, and a lack of contextual cues to guide the user in their trip.

    2. App Audit: to find pain points that were preventing conversions. We concluded that in our redesign, we would need to reorganize map information, use color to create meaning and hierarchy, and install a “pause navigation” feature. These adjustments would clearly and timely communicate information to users along their route.

    3. Competitive Analysis: to find patterns and best practices in the use of color, map views, “pause navigation” features, and presentation of information to guide users.

  2. Design
    1. Branding
    2. Wireframes
    3. Buttons to provide context and information while decluttering the screen
    4. Appearing elements (cards, etc.) to provide location-specific information
    5. Map information reorganization
    6. Use of color to create meaning and hierarchy
    7. Addition of a “Pause Navigation” feature with a clear, color-coded, and widely familiar functionality pattern

  3. Marketing
    1. Suggested app-sharing strategies

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  1. Heuristic Evaluation

  2. UX Audit

  3. Competitive Analysis

  4. High-Fidelity Wireframe Revisions

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  1. Immediate implementation of redesign ideas which made the app’s navigation screens clearer and easier to read.

  2. Client satisfaction with in-depth analysis and redesign
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Challenges and Insights

  1. The Challenge: Constraints of project scope and timeline meant limiting ourselves to a few impactful, yet simple changes. To overcome these challenges, prioritization is key—and following processes such as a heuristic evaluation, based on industry best practices, can clarify what those priorities should be.

  2. The Insights: During the research phase of redesign, we learned a lot about how context menus and other information can be hidden on the main view of an app, toggled on, or opened up as necessary.

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