We bring digital products to market.

Our team of design and app development experts crafts beautiful, scalable, and world-class web and mobile solutions.

Our team

Our highly skilled team members hail from diverse backgrounds and share a passion for digital innovation and doing things right.

We bridge the gap between usability, beauty, and cutting-edge technology to drive business value for our partners.

Image of Adam Sumner

Adam Sumner

Founder & CTO

David Barlev

Founder & CEO

Sutasit Srivisarvacha

Product Manager

Birgitte Hellsten

Project Manager
image of Phil Davies

Phil Davies

UX / UI Designer
image of Dylan Stephenson

Dylan Stephenson

UX / UI Designer
Image of April Rotelli

April Rotelli

UX / UI Designer
image of Asiya Atcha

Asiya Atcha

UX / UI Designer
Image of UI/UX Designer Jared Bartman

Jared Bartman

UX / UI Designer
Image of Tamar Barlev

Tamar Barlev

Content Director
Image of Alex Vinichenko

Alex Vinichenko

Full-stack Developer
Image of Artur Motornyi

Artur Motornyi

Front-end Developer
Image of Aleksandr Oleksenko

Aleksandr Oleksenko

Web Developer

Iryna Lesyk

Web Developer
Image of Dmitry Bashkatov

Dmitry Bashkatov

Web Developer

Ilya Konyukhov

Full-stack Developer
Image of Yuriy Berdnikov

Yuriy Berdnikov

Senior iOS Developer
image of Oleksii Nedilko

Oleksii Nedilko

Front-end Developer
Image of Ashot Kirakosyan

Ashot Kirakosyan

Mobile Developer
Image of Svetlana Avetisyan

Svetlana Avetisyan

QA Engineer
Image of Marta Maltseva

Marta Maltseva

Android Developer
Image of Eugene Monakov

Eugene Monakov

Front-end Developer
image of Andrey Blazhey

Andrey Lazhev

Full-stack Developer
image of Daniil Ryazanov

Daniil Ryazanov

Ruby on Rails Developer
image of Aleksei Ivanov

Aleksei Ivanov

Full-stack Developer

Auron Loci

QA Engineer
image of Daria Gorskikh

Daria Gorskikh

Front-end Developer
Image of Artem Kulakov

Artem Kulakov

Full-stack Developer
image of Developer Yeldos Nurlanov

Yeldos Nurlanov

React Native Developer
image of Yusup Edilbiev

Yusup Edilbiev

Front-end Developer

Our offices

Los Angeles

800 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 200. Los Angeles, CA 90017 +1 (213) 787-7640

New York

12 East 49th St., Floor 11. New York, NY 10017 +1 (213) 787-7640