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ChangeFi is a banking application with the social-driven mission to eliminate the wealth gap.


UI Design • UX design • Design Systems • Information Architecture • Backend Development • Frontend Development • DevOps • App Design (iOS and Android)



ChangeFi is a banking application that strives to eliminate the wealth gap by bringing social and racial equity to financial services. Their app provides users with mobile banking, personal loans, and peer-to-peer transactions.

Product Goals

  1. Audit current UX/UI

  2. Design the app

  3. Create a robust and scalable design system for in-house team

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Our Process

  1. Discovery and UX Research
    1. Design audit of the previous ChangeFi app
    2. Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis with comprehensive notes on each module
    3. User Interviews to assess conversion and usage problems

  2. Design
    1. UI exploration to provide several design directions to explore the look and feel of the application
    2. Accommodate constraints of using the current branding to create a cohesive
    3. Redesign of low-quality colors and inconsistent design
    4. Information Architecture Redesign for a user-friendly interface and workflow
    5. High-Fidelity Designs
    6. Design System

  3. Implementation
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  1. Design Audit
  2. Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis


  1. UI Exploration
  2. High-Fidelity Wireframes
  3. Design System
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  1. Thorough UX/UI exploration and assumption validation that informed a successful redesign and design guidelines for future iterations

  2. Substantially improved user experience the entire application

  3. Onboarding ChangeFi in-house designers to new design system

  4. Client satisfaction with communication and timeline adherence
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  1. Completely re-creating the information architecture to better communicate with and guide users throughout the workflow.

  2. Working within the constraints of current branding, which could not be changed, to establish a new, cohesive design system.

  3. Passing WCA guidelines while creating clarity and re-establishing the workflow for a more user-friendly experience.



  1. There is a significant relationship between design and user trust. We established that overuse of low-quality colors and inconsistent design devolves trust and legitimacy.

  2. Inclusive language for sensitive and private applications. Instances included changing the descriptive copy of the “Pocket Change” small loans program to a more tactful wording, in order to demonstrate an inclusive tone and avoid offending or alienating users.

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